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Spirit Wear

Game Day Polo Shirts

These collared shirts are worn on all game days to school.  It is a show of spirit and the boys take great pride.  Color Specific to roster.
Freshman wear White
JV wears Cardinal
Varsity wears Black

Get Your Spirit Wear

Game Day Polo Shirts, Winter Jackets, Pull-Over Sweatshirts, Jerseys and Practice Wear are available on our WebStore.

Winter Jackets

Purchased at the Mandatory Parent Meeting

Besides wearing them all over campus and out they also use them on the bench to keep warm on the cold soccer night games. Jacket Style Specific to roster.
Freshman & JV wear the black windbreaker – pullover jacket 
Varsity wears the Black Heavy Jacket

Black pull over Sweatshirt

IN CASE YOU MISSED OUT ON THE ones we had in stock at the parent meeting,  they are still available through the web store. Just a great hoodie for all squads- on and off the field, the boys wear them year round – and parents and siblings wear them as fan gear. 

Jackets and sweatshirts have Torrey Pines Logos and options to add your players name.  Don’t forget that name as it gets tough figuring out which jacket is yours 🙂 also it really makes the boys stand out and they wear it with pride.

Jerseys & Practice Wear

What the boys will get on Day 1 of practice:

*1 pair Nike black shorts (for games and practice)

2 pairs of socks (one cardinal & one white)

1 Cardinal Nike Dry Fit Training shirt for practice

Soccer Bag with their game jerseys.
*Varsity will also receive an additional pair game shorts along with their jersey.  These game shorts are part of the jersey and are expected to be returned as a set.


If you would like extra practice gear, you may purchase it on the web store.  Remember that the boys practice 5 days a week for the most part and then the game schedule.  Please order any extra gear you think is necessary to lighten your laundry load.  We will not have extra practice gear after the team store is closed.

Also, JV and Freshman use the same shorts for practice and game days.