About Us

Welcome to the Torrey Pines High School Soccer Program!

Over the years, the Torrey Pines Falcon teams have been synonymous with excellence in the classroom and on the playing field. This year Varsity Head Coach Andy Hargreaves, Coaches Brandon Cormode, Francisco Lona, Angel Carranza, Joel Kosakoff, and Connor Hargreaves, are looking forward to working with your boys and having another great season. The purpose of this page is to provide you with important information about the Boys Soccer Program, the finances and behind he scenes of the program. 

Unfortunately, funds for athletic programs are not and have not been available from the district for some time to keep the boys soccer program afloat, the district funding only covers two coaches. Fortunately with the help of the TPHS Foundations fundraising efforts for all students and the underfunded programs at TPHS we are able to fund more of our program BUT without our parents, we would not be able to bridge the gap and fund the remaining coaches, athletic trainer, bussing, equipment, balls and uniforms. We are completely dependent on family involvement and monetary support. It is crucial to making the boys soccer program and our teams a success.

The funding of our program is what makes the teams possible, it is and has been completely supported by each and every parent donation and our own boys soccer driven fundraisers. The money raised through selling Falcon Cards, Farmer’s Invitational golf tickets and concession stand (Snack Shack) sales makes only a small dent in what it takes to run the program. The harsh reality is if each family doesn’t contribute and if we do not raise enough money each and every year to cover the cost of maintaining the soccer program, it will not survive. Our yearly need is usually in the vicinity $60-70,000 to keep it going. This year we are starting our annual FutGolf Tourney for the families, boys and anyone who wants to come out for a good day of FutGolf-

In registering your athlete in the boys soccer program, we ask for your donation and sponsorship for your son and in doing so, we make every effort to keep costs low and fortunately with past leadership we have been able to NOT raise what we ask from our parents from the previous years. The suggested tax deductible donation for an athlete is $525. These funds go to the TPHS Foundation and will be applied directly towards the costs related to boys soccer including equipment, tournament entry fees, awards, patches, coaching and trainer fees but does not include transportation. These donations are paid to the TPHS Foundation, a California nonprofit corporation, so they are 100% tax deductible. We work very hard to keep costs at a minimum. The Boys Soccer donation is substantially lower than other TPHS sports. To keep family expenses down we have eliminated specific years on spirit wear and use the same TP Soccer logo and spirit wear clothing for multiple years where we can.

Not included in the registration donation is the mandated Transportation Fund Donation. The TPHS district requires us (each and every sports program) to pay for bus transportation per player. We cannot afford this without your voluntary contribution to the athletic transportation fund which is separate from the team donation. This fund covers the district mandated costs of bus transportation of our children to and from the competition sites. This year the foundation will present a bill to Boys Soccer for $100 per player on all of the soccer rosters, whether or not your child is on the bus. The foundation will then pay the District for these costs in one lump sum for Boys Soccer. Please note: The Boys Soccer Program must pay the entire amount to transport ALL our players to the games regardless of your contribution. If you do not donate, eventually we will not be able to afford buses which are mandated by the district. This could eventually jeopardize the TPHS Boys Soccer Program, remember the transportation is mandated by the district for safety and liability concerns. 

Our Soccer Program provides an invaluable avenue for self esteem, character development, physical fitness and friendships for our student athletes that will last a lifetime. For some, it is the one thing that keeps them going in school and making good choices.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. GO FALCONS! 

Thank you, Daphna Stewart

Boys’ Soccer Liaison